Motivation For My Mission

29 December 2017

Never have I risked my life, or even my comfort, in the service of mankind. Shame on me.
Alex 2017 (A well read vandal), originally...

Kurt Vonnegut Jr

Courtesy of my good friend, Rob. @r_linz

Etched into the ply of Mountain House Shelter in the Tararuas, Alex shared a very poignant thought. One that I have taken on board and intend to carry with me over the next 10 months.

This all started as a personal challenge, however, I feel that isn't enough. There's no point of me harping on about my will to get fit and head off on the trip of a lifetime unless I give this some further purpose. A little more accountability and motivation to really see this across the finish lines and to the peak.

So I have decided to use my challenge as a platform to fundraise for something that I think is pretty rad.

A little bit of a background. As those that know me would know, I'm somewhat of a fan of rugby league (UP THE WARRIORS!). In 2014 I watched the game that changed a promising young second rower, Alex McKinnon's life. An illegal spear tackle had left him a quadriplegic in an instant.

Maybe it was due to Fox Sports unnecessarily replaying the incident over and over but for some reason, this moment has stuck with me. It's been very inspiring following his progress via Twitter and the Australian media. He has since become a corporate and motivational speaker and even stood for his own wedding recently. 

Also through my girlfriend, Caitlin I have gotten to know another young guy who was left a quadriplegic after a freak swimming accident. Again, an inspirational guy that aspires to help others with spinal injuries get the support they require. His positivity is almost as prevalent as his outstanding cricket banter. Overall, a bloody good dude.

So, I have decided to fundraise for the CatWalk Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Research Trust. An awesome organisation whose key objective is to generate funding for research to find a cure for paralysis following spinal cord injuries.

I truly believe that providing that research in genetic and stem cell therapies is continually funded, a cure for paralysis can be a reality.

Now, this is where I shamelessly ask you to pitch in and throw your hard earned money at my Givealittle campaign and let's get people walking again!